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Our Voices

"Everyone is really nice, you are always included if you would like to be, and I like that we are helping people through the church." -Charlotte (11-years old)

"My family has been members for 29 years. We moved to Litchfield when our children were three and one years old. We did our "church shopping" of around four churches but this church stood out because they were so welcoming & friendly. They took us in like family and that is what the people of this church have become—FAMILY to us! People care about one another, are the hardest workers I have ever seen, and know the true meaning of the saying, “They will know we are Christians by our LOVE." Our family has felt truly blessed to call this church our home." -Rochelle

“What I like about church is the music during the service. I also enjoy all of the service opportunities that I have been able to participate in. It has made me feel part of our church community.” -Avery (15-years-old)

"In the fall of 1970, we moved to Litchfield. We didn’t know anyone in town, but a very nice lady in my doctor’s office invited me to attend a worship service at the Methodist Church in town. That was the beginning of a wonderful spiritual journey with a warm and welcoming congregation that continues to be an extended family for me. The Methodist Church has always been generous in its outreach, and we constantly strive to continue this where we see a need. Much of our outreach is done locally, but we also support global missions. That is our tradition." -Linda G.

“I like being in the children’s group at church because we help people in need. I liked organizing the trivia night and delivering food to a food pantry. I also like the games we do with the other kids, Pastor Ed and Mrs. Horne!“ 
-Addie (13-years-old)

“I joined the Litchfield Methodist Church because with a multigenerational Methodist background, I sought out a Methodist Church to join locally. I stay because of the commitment of our members to embrace each other as a church family, expand our understanding of Christian beliefs through worship togetherincluding book and Bible studiesand our ongoing efforts to meaningfully involve our children in learning what’s involved in being a Christian.“ -Polly

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