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How We Worship

We worship in a relaxed and personal style, blending aspects of traditional and modern worship forms. Consistent with Methodist tradition, we offer an open communion table, where all are welcome regardless of faith background, including those seeking or struggling to believe. Worshippers come to our current worship home at the Masonic Lodge or join us online for our livestream on Zoom. Whether in person or online, our worship of God grounds us in a reality beyond ourselves and  connects us more deeply with one another, helping us to overcome some of the aloneness and isolation of this difficult time. Come as you are – you are always welcome!



Worshiping together as a community has been central to the Christian experience since the earliest times of the church.

Sunday Service:  10:00 AM

St. Paul’s Lodge #11, 17 Meadow Street

Everyone is welcome, whether you are a regular churchgoer or not.

Contact us for Zoom Services.


April 9, 2023 Sermon:

March 19, 2023 Sermon:

December 13, 2022 Sermon:

November 13, 2022 Sermon:

August 2022, Welcome Pastor Parker:



When we sing as a congregation, it strengthens our sense of spirit while strengthening the bond between us. We are praising God in unison and creating something beautiful. In that way it's fellowship plus worship. Each time we sing a hymn, it may touch someone in a new way, blending the comfort of the familiar with the joys and trials of our lives. To borrow from Psalm 57, music empowers our steadfast hearts as we sing and make melody. Come join us!

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